Friday, August 29, 2008

B-Side of the Week - Song #9

Sunny Day Real Estate
Song #9 (from the Thief, Steal Me A Peach single)
(One Day I Stopped Breathing)

Steal A Peach in 15 Simple Steps
by Genusfrog

Step 1: Want a peach. You gotta want it, my friends.
Step 2: Locate it. No peach, no theft.
Step 3: Mount tree. Yes, you have to climb the damn thing.
Step 4: Pluck it.
Step 5: Descend tree. The theft is not really complete till you exit the premise.
Step 6: Send to lab. You need to know if it's a peach before you can say you've stolen "a peach".
Step 7: Go to the Caribbean with Ana Ivanovic.
Step 8: Climb the Andes with Ana Ivanovic.
Step 9: Surf in Hawaii with Ana Ivanovic.
Step 10: Return home and call the lab.
Step 11: Determine authenticity of "peach".
Step 12: Put in papers to officiate theft of said peach.
Step 13: Go to Kazakhstan prairies with Ana Ivanovic.
Step 14: Trek Moroccan dustlands with Ana Ivanovic.
Step 15: Stop for a drink and eat peach with Ana Ivanovic.

Sunny Day Real Estate - Song #9

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