Thursday, August 28, 2008

In the papers today...

Beginning yesterday, Malaysians who have pirated versions of Windows XP Professional installed in their computer will have their screens going black every 60 minutes. This is likely to affect roughly three million of the 8.6 million Win XP Pro users in the country, and is an extension of the continual struggle by authorities to clamp down on piracy in the region. Nevertheless, early reports suggest the strategy may have to be tweaked; representatives from the Campaign Against Racist Computer Usage have insisted that the authorities offer options of white, yellow and albino screens as well.
This story reminds me of: My Vitriol - Windows and Walls (from Finelines) [BUY]

The much fawned-over t-shirt company Threadless has announced they are selling most shirts on their site at $12, down from a usual $17 to $20. The discount is part of their back to school sale, and will surely appeal to those who faithfully pledge their fashion allegiance to this hipster brand. Nevertheless, in an effort to compete, American Apparel also announced they are selling their models at a discount of 10 kilograms lighter. Expect furious buying.
This story reminds me of: Tim Fite - More Clothes (from Fair Ain't Fair) [BUY]

Facebook has been forced to remove the popular game Scrabulous from all of its sites globally. Facing a lawsuit from Matell Inc, the parent company of Scrabble, the only country where the game can still be played is India, where the developers of Scrabulous live. Concurrently, Air Asia reports that the 1,000,000 free flights it was giving away have all been snapped up, with 93.4% of them headed towards Bangalore. Tony Fernandes has also put in orders for extra in-flight servings of chapati.
This story reminds me of: Wilco - Box Full of Letters (from A.M.) [BUY]

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