Friday, August 1, 2008

Sick Sick Six: Spanish Cities

I'll do a series on Czech cities soon. Promise. Just gotta convince Bono to write a song called "České Budějovice". I even faxed him verse one. A total megahit.

Population: 195,769
Claim to fame: Bulls. No, not those horned types that run cobbled streets and gore cobbleheads. I'm talking about those ball-bouncing Chicago types. Yup, Jordan's middle name is Fernando.
Pelle Carlberg - Pamplona (from In a Nutshell) [BUY]

Population: 810,064
Claim to fame: Paella. A mash of rice, seafood and saffron, cooked in a large flat pan, served hot and sticky. Goes really well with gored Spaniard. Or peach.
The Decemberists - O Valencia (from The Crane Wife) [BUY]

Population: 354,145
Claim to fame: Guggenheim Museum. Apparently there is also art inside it, but who the heck wants to do anything other than stare at a silver swath of metal.
Sun Kil Moon - Tonight In Bilbao (from April) [BUY]

Population: 294,772
Claim to fame: Fish. Well, generally all things sea-related from this city get their 15 minutes, but the great finned ones are particularly special. They know kung-fu.
Minotaur Shock - Vigo Bay (from Maritime) [BUY]

Population: 1,605,602
Claim to fame: Antoni Gaudi. Architect freakodinnaire. Heck, the whole city was awarded some medal for contribution to architecture. Even the cockroaches can lay concrete.
I'm From Barcelona - Barcelona Loves You (from Let Me Introduce My Friends) [BUY]

Population: 3,228,359
Claim to fame: The chips. Forget about the museums, football, bullfighting, history, modernity, etc. the chips rule. Don't trust me? Then you got trust issues. Go forgive your mum.
Jeff Tweedy - New Madrid

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