Friday, August 1, 2008

B-Side of the Week - Nine Years

The Black Angels
Nine Years (from the The First Vietnamese War single)
(Light In The Attic Records)

The Black Angels are supposedly a psychedelic rock band from Austin Texas. Right. That's before you read the next ten sentences on their Wikipedia entry, which gradually reveals to you that they toured for two years with The Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and their debut LP is likened to the noise made by Canadian indie rockers Black Mountain, who after a bit of investigation, is discovered to be associated with Vancouver outfit Black Halos.

Having fed all this into my stupendous brain, it seems plainly clear then that The Black Angels aren't in fact a psychedelic rock band from Austin Texas, but a three-headed she-wolf with the body of a tortoise, a species all too common in North American suburbs but, in my 9-years-at-National Geographic opinion, also all too often mistaken for psychedelic rock bands. But this one's a beauty. Just look at the way those wolf heads snap at each other. Ah, the joys of nature.

The Black Angels - Nine Years [BUY]

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