Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camera Obscura in Malaysia and Singapore in October

Yes I know, we've talked about this a lot. Like seriously a lot. To the point that when I go to the neighborhood coffee shop and I turn to my dear Olivia and say, "Honey can you bring out the camera from the bag?', someone will pick up a shotgun and shoot me in the leg.

But apparently it is happening. Malaysia on October 31st at Ruums and Singapore the 29th at Esplanade. The dates are even up on their Myspace page. So it is more confirmed than my status of 'guru of awesomeness'. It feels good to finally be justified. And I have two prosthetic legs to show for it. It's nice to know you can still be a martyr in this day and age and have a hot chick as well.

Camera Obscura - Alaska (from If Looks Could Kill single) [BUY]


Aliah the TV addict said...

whoa! thanks for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

Don't think it's going to happen for Malaysia. Go to Singapore for the concert. At least tickets will be on sale this week!

Anonymous said...

I know you enjoy MGMT, so do I, hahaha! They are touring Australia in December. Any chances we can make them stop by here in KL? Pls talk to the organizer =)

Mille said...

Is it neccessary to pay for the entrance into Ruums kl to watch Camera Obscura? I'm so eager to see them, they're damn awesome!

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