Monday, August 11, 2008

Elysian Fields: Greek Gods, Singapore islands and err ... hot blondes

Our top notch hot-arsed spy from a country with a name we can't quite pronounce has clued us in to the fact that there's a cool-ass festival brewing on an island up in Singapore with a working title Elysian Fields and is set to feature, among others, Lucky Soul and British electro-soul singer Jamie Lidell.

You know. I figure the people that come up with these festival titles are quite a hoot. What next? 'Rocking with Ranch Sauce'? 'The War of Troy'? They all have pretty bad names. Except for this one that's been brewing at that blind spot between my left butt cheek and my bung hole called 'The Geek Rocks'. That's pretty much a winner. Don't believe me, ask Olivia. You know what? I will ask, "Hey dear, I was wondering ... you know? You know?"

Oh, she said yes.

Lucky Soul - I Got the Magic (from The Great Unwanted) [BUY]
Jamie Lidell - Another Day (from Jim) [BUY]


Anonymous said...

SOUR GRAPES. You're just insanely jealous that awesome bands stop at Singapore and Singapore can afford it. Why not ask your malaysian government to stop all those hoo ha and mahathir and his S shaped bridge wish.

Pantsy said...

Dude, you're so right. You're awesome. We suck. Spank us.

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