Friday, August 22, 2008

Death Cab for Cutie, 12th August, The Esplanade, Singapore

Picture courtesy of Obvious Girl

I have been sitting here for the past seven - eight days pondering on what to write about the Death Cab show.

I could write about how I was elated that they played 'Styrofoam Plates'. I could write about how excellent Ben Gibbard's diction is that even on the rockier songs like 'New Year', every word was ringing out clear. I could also write about the idiotic girly fans who were screaming and throwing tampons on to the stage. Well, in their minds at least.

But I found little inspiration.

So instead I am just going to write about Ben Gibbard's weight loss. Goddamn. Did you see the sucker? He almost looks good looking enough for a poster these days. I heard he ate nothing but 'nothing'. Yeah, you know? That brand of potatoes called 'Nothing'. You buy a box and it comes with a dozen 'nothings' inside. And therefore you have 'nothing' to cook. Then miraclously, you start losing weight after eating about 20 meals of 'nothing'. Seriously amazing stuff.

Death Cab for Cutie - Photobooth (from Forbidden Love EP) [BUY]


cyber-red said...

he's grown out his sideburns even!

The Geek said...

and that has something to do with his weight loss?

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