Thursday, July 31, 2008

New release: Electrico - We Satellites

A band losing a guitarist ain't that big a deal. It's not even that medium a deal, really. I mean, as Electrico demonstrate, you can lose one guitarist and still burp out a decent third album by sticking to the tried and true. And if you need that second guitarist to occupy that sonic vacuum during live shows, you can always flick on that random dial function and buzz a mate of a mate of a mate to shimmy forth. And if that doesn't work, there's always your Guitar Hero-addicted nephew.

But you know what would be a huge loss? If a band lost its aquarium cleaner. Like hell that wouldn't matter! Oh, now you're just emphasising your massive ignorance. Name me five bands that don't have aquarium cleaners? You can't, could you? Oh silly, you actually think that dude who hits the drums like, only hits the drums? Yeah sure. And so of course you believe that those things he hits drums with are actually called drumsticks. Such a naive twat. You've obviously never examined them closely. Obviously.

Track Listing:

1. Zero
2. Save Our Souls
3. Shadow
4. Faces
5. Soul Not Science
6. Hail To The Friends
7. The Slaves And The Digits
8. Travel On The Sun
9. We Satellites
10. Liberation
11. Aura

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