Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Release - Forbiddenculture - Return of the Savior


Finally, an album that celebrates the incomparable art of lobbing off orc heads. An album that shows everyone that horse-riding isn't just reserved for stuffy rich ninnies. An album that re-christens Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli as the Marvelous 3. An album that proclaims that having a long beard ala Peter Jackson, is darn sexy. An album that toasts to the fact that despite being more than a few stones overweight, Liv Tyler is one hot mama elf. An album that salutes the greatest gay love story ever told.

Ladies and gentlemen, an album about the third and greatest Lord of the Rings movie, Return of the Savior.

What did you say? What Return of the King? Elvis?

1) Holy 9 Days
2) Idiotic Chromosome
3) What's Left Behind is Left Behind
4) Counting Lives
5) Open Your Eyes
6) Life as War
7) Food Chain
8) Values of Life
9) Take My Wisdom, Lord!
10) Return of the Savior

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