Thursday, July 24, 2008

New release: Sore - Ports of Lima

Indonesia's Sore hail from a country where bands flaunt their Adidas affiliations like Kirsten Dunst flaunts dimples. Where more bands flaunt their American indie label releases like Kirsten Dunst flaunts dimples. Where even more bands flaunt their flowing teatime skirts like Kirsten Dunst flaunts dimples.

So how does a band stand out? For starters, releasing a second album ain't to shabby a move. Having the shortest, most pronounceable moniker has also gotta help for sure. And getting pre-sophy hype from Time mag has gotta be worth at least two cupcakes, since debut Centralismo was christened as one of the 'Five Asian Albums Worth Buying'. Which is a huge deal, in case you were wondering; Asians buying albums is about as common a phenomenon as Asians not eating rice. Unless you're me of course; I only drink cow stomach shakes. My mum thinks I'm Greek.

But no, when you look at the facts, all that just ain't gonna cut it. Sore seriously only have one option: chop off Kirsten Dunst's head. Heck, you heard me right: buy an axe, extract the dimples, and then stitch it back onto her bod. No really, that works. Like recently when I needed to do a business class presentation, and I was second last in a class of 227. So I crept out, bought a flight to Toluca Lake, California, did the slice and dice, flew back, and made it just in time for my turn. Aced that talk. Still got the 'best presenter' cert, hanging next to Kirstin Dunst's head. Yeah, just couldn't let it go. Her mum's totally cool with it.

Track Listing:

1. Apatis Ria
2. Bogor Biru
3. Come By Sanjuro
4. Essensimo
5. Freiman
6. In 1997 The Bullet was Shy
7. Senyum Dari Selatan
8. Setengah Lima

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