Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Arty Album Art: The Observatory - A Far Cry From Here

Design concept, illustration and layout: Melvin Chee of :phunkstudio

I like getting parcels. Parcels say that someone is thinking heaps about me. Parcels say that I'm unique in my neighbourhood. Parcels are so indierati. So.

I especially like getting parcels of people's diaries. No seriously, I get tons of those. One time, this dude from Slovakia sent me his. Thought I should read through it and if I thought it was any good, send him back a picture of my grandma in a bikini. I thought it was so-so. So he got a pic of my puppy in a jumpsuit instead. He still writes.

Then there was another time when someone sent me a plate. Yeah, just a plate. No, not even food on a plate, or a plate of armour. I did get a plate of armour once though. It belonged to Aragon. Tiny thing could barely fit me; my pecs punched a hole through the rubber nipple. Cheap material.

Another time, I got a parcel with a tree in it. No, actually it wasn't like a huge parcel or anything. These days trees can be folded and stuffed into one of those padded A4 envelopes even. Visit for more info.

Most recently, someone sent me a package with earth in it. No, doink, not a model of earth. Earth, the planet? Hello? Of course you were in it too! Hey, you wanna listen to my story or not? You don't? Well, tough. I'm telling it. As I was saying... ummm... darn it. Slipped my mind. You're lucky.

But you know what I have never received as a parcel? A CD. Yep. Never evah. Oh, so you smarty pants are gonna start correcting me, are you? Trying to point out that The Observatory's third album is packaged like a parcel, and inside it contains a CD? Oh you know that, do you? Do YOU?

Ok, that kinda looks like a CD. I thought it was a pineapple. Hey, take a chill pill man. You look way too hot like that. And the world doesn't need no more hot men. Unless you're a pineapple. In which case, wanna come over for tea?

The Observatory - When I See A Fire (from A Far Cry From Here)

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