Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HK twee sensations My Little Airport live in Malaysia on Aug 30th

What is it with twee bands and their obsession with small things? Do they think that being small automatically = cute? I for one can say that is completely not true. I am, in all purposes, fairly huge. And yet I have many people coming up to me and saying I am cute. What I often cannot understand is why they proceed to run off screaming in dismay after that. Weird people.

Anyways, just to prove that big things can be cute as well, I plan to start a twee band next week and it shall be called Big-arsed Buttocks.

I can already hear the first single in my head.


Date: 30th August 2008
Venue: Jupiter Room, Global Business Park
Address: Block A, Level 3, No8, Jln 19/1 46300 PJ
Tickets: RM55 pre-sale (before 25/7) and RM70 (at the door)

For tickets, email the organizers here

My Little Airport - Gigi Leung is Dead (from Zoo is Sad, People are Cruel)
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