Friday, July 11, 2008

Toe: Live in Malaysia on Aug 3 in Ruums KL

Updates: Flyer, date and details have been released, including a stellar lineup of opening acts. So the show is all systems go, like a space shuttle launch, only without the space shuttle and the sexy babe in a space suit.

Ah, the sweet-smelling aroma of prog-out post rock. Have you smelled it before? Neither have I. But I am thinking it should smell a little like Jon Anderson's armpits mixed with a dash of Barry Burns' groin.

But hey, I'll be damned if this not the new thing - naming your band after a body part. It's cute, real cute. I mean heck if the band name sounds absolutely inappropriate to the music you play. what is important is that the name is quirky enough to be remembered. Just ask Death Cab for Cutie, or Koko Kaina. What? That isn't a band? Yeah right.

Anyways, back to band names. So yeah, body parts. As such I have decided that the next band I start will be named Left Butt Cheek. Left cause we are leftist. It's going to be an experimental thing. I can already see the album cover. Lovely.

Toe - Velvet Blanc (from Re:designed)

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