Friday, July 11, 2008

Word for the Week: Spain


It's gotta be a pretty good time to be Spanish right now. Your sportdudes keep winning stuff. Your bulls are happily running the streets. Your wine is about to outsell the Frenchies'. And if you're a sporty, wine-drinking bull, then well, it's all flippin' toasty, ain't it? Go have a cow.

Three Dog Night - Never Been To Spain (from Greatest Hits) [BUY]
Yeah, me neither. Looks like me and 60-year-old rockers have more in common besides failing kidneys.

Counting Crows - Holiday In Spain (from Hard Candy) [BUY]
Adam Duritz envisions a getaway where wings aren't necessary, and worries live in drains. In another life, that place woulda been called Sewer.

The White Birch - Your Spain (from Come Up For Air) [BUY]
Morose Norseman sculpts a Spain filled with over-doped eunuchs.

Julie Andrews - The Rain In Spain (from My Fair Lady (Original Broadway Soundtrack)) [BUY]
Contrary to Mrs Andrews' insistence, Spain rain so does not stay mainly in the plain. It's got a penthouse suite at the Marriott. Invited me over the other day; we ordered grapes and watched Beetlejuice.

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