Thursday, July 17, 2008

B-Side of the Week - Hurtin

Johnny Thunders
Hurtin (from the You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory single)
(Real Records)

Let's see what we got in the b-side bag today.

Ooh look. It's something old. Not just old, no, this is oldskool. Yeah, that's right. Oldskool punk Johnny Thunders rompstomps down his New Yorkan sidewalk with this b-side Hurtin. This one comes off the more iconic punk ballad single, if you can ever call anything a punk ballad, called You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory.

Which I think is bollocks. I mean, heck, I've put my arms around lots of things. I've put them around great big oak trees, the jaws of a rabid crocodile, the burning exhaust valve of a 16-wheeler, three adult wolves, seven dead bisons, 29 supermodels, 3,775 bottles of beer, a nanocluster of the AIDS virus, scud missles, a really big cactus and Angela Lansbury.

Just wait till he sees my arms. I'll show Johnny Thunders I can put them around any damn thing I like.

Johnny Thunders - Hurtin

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