Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the papers today...

A girl in New Zealand was allowed to get a new name, after the courts ruled that her present name, "Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii", was inappropriate. The judge said that such bizarre names were not helpful for the child, and could create unnecessary "social hurdles" for her. Other names previously blocked in earlier cases included Yeah Detroit, Sex Fruit and Fish and Chips (twins), while other names previously allowed included Violence and Number 16 Bus Shelter. And Pantsy? Well, my momma always said social hurdles were good for me. Like, check out my thighs now.
This story reminds me of: Serena-Maneesh - Her Name Is Suicide (from Serena-Maneesh) [BUY]

The trailer for Oliver Stone's upcoming film W., based on George W. Bush, has been released on the internet. The movie (due for release on 17th October) stars Josh Brolin as the current American prezzie, and James Cromwell as his dad. It features clips of a younger Bush involved in heavy partying, drinking and gambling. Rumours abound that Tom Cruise makes a cameo as Osama bin Laden, which would be totally sensible, since their both equally nuts.
This story reminds me of: Electric President - Good Morning, Hypocrite (from Electric President) [BUY]

The long-held stereotype that girls are lousier in math than guys might just be true - but not until after high school, according to recently released reports. Studies show that since the social prejudice that once discouraged girls from learning maths and science is all but gone, children of both genders have proven to be equally apt at maths. However, the number of women who eventually graduate with maths-based degrees remains significantly lower than the number of men. And the number of humans who graduate with brains still intact remains significantly lower than porcupines. Smart creatures, those porcupines.
This story reminds me of: Tokyo Police Club - Listen To The Math (from Elephant Shell) [BUY]

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