Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the papers today...

New Yorker magazine has come under fire for its latest issue, which has on its cover an illustration of Barack Obama dressed as a Middle Eastern man, his wife Michelle as a Black Panther, and a portrait of Osama bin Laden in the background of what appears to be the Oval Office. Both Barack Obama and John McCain's representatives have released statements condemning the cover; Osama bin Laden's reps also released a statement condemning the shabby rendition of his facial hair.
This story reminds me of: Astrud Gilberto - How Insensitive (from The Silver Collection) [BUY]

Heroes has officially begun its return to primetime TV with the release of a series of websisodes. The three-part series will highlight one new character each time, which will lead up to the start of Season Three of the TV series on 22nd September. The new season will be themed Villains; it will focus on villains; it will have new villains. Well, shower my shitzu; those striking writers sure are bona fide wordsmiths.
This story reminds me of: The Libertines - Time for Heroes (from Up The Bracket) [BUY]

YouTube and Viacom look to have settled their long-standing dispute. Viacom (the parent company of MTV, among others) wanted YouTube to release information such as user IDs and IP addresses of all who had uploaded or viewed videos online, with the rumoured intention that the company would subsequently use the info to sue users for copyright violations. Now, such info will be substituted with unique but anonymous identifiers. Darn; looks like the dude who uploaded that Celine Dion clip is gonna get away with it after all.
This story reminds me of: Maktub - You Can't Hide (from Khronos) [BUY]

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