Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Word for the Week: Shorty


Spain did it. Ummhmm. Mr 177cm, while being stalked by Mr 189cm, passed to Mr 170cm, who slid a nominal through ball that zipped past Mr 198cm and Mr 193cm and into the path of Mr 186cm (how un-Spanish, the tall fart), who accelerated and dinked one over a turf-munching Mr 190cm. And just like that, the dudes who never ate their veggies are now champions of Europe. Who needs calcium when you've got paella?

The Get Up Kids - Shorty (from Live @ the Granada Theater) [BUY]
Philipp Lahm musta had this bopping his head every time the German national anthem played and he had to stand next to Per Mertesacker.

Rod Stewart - Cut Across Shorty (from Complete Anthology) [BUY]
Torres musta had this bopping in his head the moment he saw Lahm.

Laurissa Feat.A-Alikes - Shorty (from Baby J Presents F.T.P) [BUY]
Come to think of it, Lahm is 170cm. Maybe his grandpa was a Spanish migrant who grew fond of schnitzels.

Count Basie - Shorty George (from The Best of Basie, Vol. 2) [BUY]
Bring on South Africa.

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