Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Sick Sick Six: Top Naggy-arse Tracks

My dad likes to repeat things. Like how he has repeated that story about his friend that drank tap water at some party to me at least 5,467 times. Just to give you a gauge, it stopped being funny after the second time.

In the same way, I have taken after him in that I like repeating myself as well. Like how I love repeating that story about how I, you know, once dated that hottest super model in the world. Or how I seriously dated the world's hottest super model. Or how that super model that's the hottest in the world dated me. Yeah, I know, my life is so dynamic and exciting.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Sweet Sweet (from Siamese Dream) [BUY]
And in less than two-minutes, Billy coos that you should go for three spoons rather than one in the morning. Particularly if you want to be bald and wear blouses like him.

Dappled Cities - Fire Fire Fire (from Granddance) [BUY]
When it comes to 'fire' one should always try to scream it three times. I don't know why, but I am pretty sure no one can hear it even after two loud ones. Three, or your house burns to shit.

Ryan Adams - New York, New York (from Gold) [BUY]
New York again. Don't you think there's been enough people singing songs about NY? I have just about had it with people who's always singing some ode to NY. What's so special about NY anyways, other than the fact that Godzilla stomped over it once? Oh, that's pretty special. Hmm. Hey wait a minute, it's the stupid Yankee-ize Godzilla. It's shit.

The Decemberists - July, July! (from Castaways and Cutouts) [BUY]
How the heck would June feel Colin? With you singing all weepilly for July? Or August for that matter? The sucker's crying at the corner there. God, he's started drooling as a result. You have to be sensitive to your months young man.

65DaysofStatic - Retreat! Retreat! (from The Fall of Math) [BUY]
With a swift of stomp boxes and breakneck beats, the band dedicates a song to my motto in life - which is to live to fight another day. There's no better skill to learn than the skill of running, particularly away from your enemies.

Mary Lou Lord (with Semisonic) - Sugar Sugar (from Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits) [BUY]
"Oh Billy you sexy thing, with that bald head and blouse. Come here and give Mary a kiss. Don't worry, Kurt won't mind cause he's dead. Courtney's gay anyways. Come to momma."

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