Friday, July 4, 2008

Euro: WTF?!

News has just gotten in that among all the managers that shat bad football on us, it turns out that the one that should have bloody gotten the sack, did not. Raymond Domenech ushered out a heard of French buffalos for three matches, virtuously displayed to us how painful it is to watch aging defenders being torn apart by young hot shot wingers and ended the tournament with a sublime move to play Eric Abidal as a central-defender against Italy (if you have no idea what that means, it is equivalent to getting Britney Spears to do a cover of The Smiths' 'I Know It's Over') which resulted in him being sent off before the crowd was even properly seated.

And I am not even counting the rumors that he is an Astrology flurry, so he won't allow Leos into his backline and that no Scorpios are allowed to set foot in the Frence dressing room. Except that Thierry Henry is a Scorpio so his desire all went to shit with that one. Or how about the fact that he decided, right at the moment that the final whistle was blown, signaling France's elimination from the tournament, to propose to his girlfriend instead of mourning a little with the squad. I mean, who the heck does that. This girl better be hotter than fresh pancakes. I mean just look at him, how could she possibly any more appealing than a pile of week-old ectoplasm? Show me a picture of her now to me. Show me.

Oh, well. My. Pardon me then Raymond. Is that Ray for 'Ray of Kick-Assness'? Anyway, may thee rock on until 2010 (try not to break any beds though). Ha ha beds. Get it? Get it? I best be off to eat a chicken buffet and be the fat-ass that I am. You go do what you do best.

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