Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In the papers today... has compiled a list of the 10 movies that de-glam the gun and instead advocate gun control. Among the anti-Charlton Hestons are A History of Violence, Unforgiven and Bowling for Columbine. Fair enough, but those are hardly as traumatic as Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, or that ultradunce Van Damme-Dennis Rodman flick. Like seriously, there is nothing more anti-gun than seeing Dennis Rodman's bum.
This story reminds me of: honeyhoney - Little Toy Gun (from Loose Boots) [BUY]

Malaysia's former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim has been accused of sodomising a 23-year-old aide from his current political party. This is the second time that the de facto opposition leader has been accused of such charges. To avoid arrest and protect himself, Anwar took refuge in Turkey's embassy for a few days. Which sorta makes sense, since he probably wouldn't have had anyone answer the doorbell if it were the German or Spanish embassies.
This story reminds me of: Iron and Wine - Sodom, South Georgia (from Our Endless Numbered Days) [BUY]

A Palestine girl has captured footage of a group of Israeli Jews assaulting her family members. She managed to video the incident because she was given a camera by an Israeli human rights group as part of a project by the group called 'Shooting Back'. Thanks to the video, the attackers were arrested, the family was vindicated and YouTube now has a reason to relocate its headquarters to Jerusalem.
This story reminds me of: Pete Francis - Shooting Star and the Ambulance (from Iron Sea and the Cavalry) [BUY]

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