Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In the papers today...

Takeru Kobayashi, the world's most famous hot dog eater, lost in the 93rd annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest to American Jody Chestnut. It was the second year in a row that the six-time champ and former world record holder had lost to Chestnut. Both men ate 59 hot dogs in 10 minutes, but Chestnut then won a five-dog "eat off". Man, someone so totally needs to find these guys some strippers.
This story reminds me of: Plan B - No More Eating (from Who Needs Actions When You Got Words) [BUY]

Malaysia's government has announced it in the process of finalising the release of genetically modified mosquitoes into the atmosphere. Once the last stages of research are complete, the male Aedes aegypti mosquito will be unveiled. Reports have shown that it helps to combat dengue by mating with the female Aedes mosquito, and thereafter its genes prevent the female's eggs from hatching. Of course, these scientists are counting on the fact that all mozzies are that horny. Or straight.
This story reminds me of: The Caulfield Sisters - Mosquito (from Say it with Fire)

According to a recent international survey, the Chinese have been voted the world's most obnoxious tourists. They rank ahead of the Indians and the French, who were also voted as the second-worst tourists who vacation in their own country. French experts blame the unfairness of the survey (it only focused on hotel operators, who are predominantly English-speaking) for their poor results. But the real reason, of course, is that those darned hotel rooms don't show any trippy arthouse films. And which Frenchman could behave on a holiday like that?
This story reminds me of: Frightened Rabbit - Be Less Rude (from Sing The Greys) [BUY]

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