Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fad of the Land: Nick and Norah's Infinite Widget Builder

So you got a film about a band guy who dates a gal and they go hunting for a band in a secret gig. And your film has got the word "playlist" in it. And your film stars the skinny dude from Juno. And your film has appearances by Davendra Banhart and Brooklyn band Bishop Allen.

So of course, the logical marketing tie is to do something mondo hip, right? Something like allowing users to create their own playlists and link them to their sites as widgets, right? And then something like allowing users to share their mondo hip playlist widget with their mondo hip buddies right?

Wrong. So totally wrong. Haven't you read page 340 of the Dummies Guide to Marketing Hipster Films? Cos if you have read it, you'd totally know that the key to marketing a hipster film is to buy a pamelo orchard, feel it to a farm full of alpacas, and then sell top-of-the-range alpaca meat to me. It's quite shocking that you don't know stuff like that, you know. Our education system needs major work.


Queens of the Stone Age - Infinity (from The Secret History of Q.O.T.S.A.)


Anonymous said...

u outta bandwidth g

Pantsy said...

ack, sorry. try again a little later, this file hosting site refreshes its bandwidth every day.

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