Monday, September 15, 2008

Fad of the Land: Musinaut

The suffix "naut" is used to describe someone who explores. Following such logic, I'd like to give this most essential English lesson to explain how such a linguistic tool is used. After going through this, you will have no choice but to agree with me that English is thoroughly fascinating, and that I am W.H. Auden reincarnated. Call me the Audster. I drive an Audi. Hyuk hyuk.

Musinaut - An explorer of music. Although apparently, it's also a site that allows users to pretty much "DJ" a song by dragging and dropping various beats, harmonies or artistes into the same song, thus instantly allowing the listener to hear different versions of the same song. That's kinda like exploring music I guess. But no rubber suits, sadly.

Astronaut - An explorer of Astro. And I'm not talking about that Malaysian satellite company; I'm talking about that little decoder device they give everyone. It's a freakin' other world, dude. The other day on a voyage I discovered Pluto's little brother, Puffer. Shy little bugger.

Juggernaut - An explorer of juggers. Y'know, those 54-year-old grannies who run every evening dressed in tops specially stitched to maximise the exposure of all their saggy bits? Yeah, jugging causes at least three accidents a day round my 'hood. Scray sport. Totally needs exploring. And totally needs rubber suits.

Argonaut - An explorer of Aragon. His pals call him Argon for short (some sissy term-of-endearment crap). Anyways, the king of Gondor has accumulated 50 kilos and 20,000 maids ever since peace came upon the land. He's a fat lazy fart now. And Arwen has got it on with an Ent. Heaps to explore there.

Cannot - An explorer of cans. Ignore the spelling discrepency. Just letters, mate. Just letters.


The Explorer's Club - Safe Distance (from Freedom Wind) [BUY]

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Anonymous said...

Kinda interesting... Have you heard about iklax, an interactive multitrack audio format?
Now that's fun, listening to performed music, in all versions the artist himself laid out for us... No skins here!

Indeed, rubber would have been good for the space age music listening.

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