Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Word for the Week: Fever


A striped six-legged blood-sucking vampire the size of a world war two tank crawled up Pantsy's back and devoured half of his neck. And so the lad is out cold. With dengue fever. However, early reports show that lying in bed with a temperature and only half a neck is helping him score with hot medical aid girls.

Iron & Wine - Fever Dream (from Our Endless Numbered Days) [BUY]
Samuel Beam lulls the forehead into believing that Greenland is the new Tunisia. Except that Tunisia these days is full of air-conditioned malls, refrigerators, ice cubes and girls from Stokholm.

Bright Eyes - A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever and A Necklace (from Fevers & Mirrors) [BUY]
Take two Panadols, turn off the fan and listen to this trembling, fragile number as you commence your afternoon's recuperation nap. If it doesn't heal you, hide in a blackened room and try to remember some kind of childhood trauma. Works for me every time.

Dengue Fever - We Were Gonna (from Escape From Dragon House) [BUY]
When western medicines fail, I turn to eastern alternatives. And by alternatives, I really mean Cambodian funk indie. I swear, in five years, the whole medical community is gonna be raving about Khmer pop. There's just nothing quite like fighting dengue fever with Dengue Fever.

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