Friday, September 12, 2008

Word for the Week: Disease


Since we're perpetually on the topic of getting sick these days, why not reinforce it by talking about it more. That's how you get over something, isn't it? Like the other time I was hooked on morphine, so I decided to cure my addiction by calling the hospital everyday to get them to read me the labels on all their morphine bottles. Worked like a charm. To this day, I've never touched a drop of morphine. And I make excellent coke cookies.

Ben Lee - Catch My Disease (from Awake Is The New Sleep) [BUY]
Ex-Mr Claire Danes celebrates his own shallowness, and love for Good Charlotte, and then urges his darling to follow suit. No wonder Claire kicked him out.

Erlend Øye - Symptom Of Disease (from Unrest) [BUY]
When a KOC member wants to boogie with you while exchanging musings about the bits of life he isn't sure about, you know those salsa classes didn't go to waste.

Hooverphonic - Shake The Disease (from For The Masses) [BUY]
So, evidence here suggests that Belgians are pretty savvy at sexifying Depeche Mode's adrogynous synthpop. I wonder what if they'd have a similar effect on keroncong.

matt pond PA - Graves Disease (from Emblems) [BUY]
Matty boy offers some indie daddy advice: don't get caught in the cold. But really, he was really trying to tell you not to let anyone find out you like Good Charlotte. Ben Lee shoulda listened.

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