Friday, January 30, 2009

Fad of the Land: The League Of Rock

The League of Rock. Has there been a badder, asser name for a new music initiative than this? Apparently it's like some community for people who were never in bands to spend 10 weeks of their life pretending their in a band, and they get to tour and record and...Oh, who gives a monkey's tail about what it does! It's the frakking League of Rock! Like, fugghetabout wussy names like LaLa or Pandora. It's the MF League Of MF Rock, y'all.

Huh? Whaddaya mean there's a badder assser name for another initiative! You tool! There's nothing badder or asser than a league! Oh...Yeah you got a point. A Platoon is pretty up there too. Ok, then how 'bout a... huh? Oh, a Troupe. Yeah that could work too. A Gaggle? Hmmm. The Gaggle of Rock. Dude, that's got a pretty good ring right there. You're a smart, tough cupcake, ain't ya? Come sit on my lap and read me some Beatrix Potter, why don't you.


El-P - The League Of Extraordinary Nobodies (from I'll Sleep When You're Dead)

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