Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Word for the Week: Little


It seems that "little" is this year's "deer", like "deer" was last year's "wolf". Huh? Band names? What band names? Of course I'm not talking about that! Doof. Didn't you read the first sentence properly? Last year, all wolves became deers. Dude! You missed that Animal Planet episode? Get a TV, man! So anyways, this year zoologists at the World Animal Nurture Kingdom Society (also known as WANKS) have advised deer owners to watch out for widespread shrinking of their deer. Shrinking to, like, really little. Like, puny. Punier than wolf. Which turned into deer. Which became little. Yeah, knew you'd get it.

Little Boots -
Meddle (from Arecibo EP) [BUY]
BBC's new belle Victoria Hesketh gets props for being savvy with something called the Tenori-on. It's got flashy blue lights and makes beats. So does my garden—it makes turneaps and pumpkeans too. Hard to tour with, though.

Little Joy - Brand New Start (from Little Joy) [BUY]
Strokes drumboy Fabrizio Moretti trades the snare for the stables. I bet he's just trying to twang his way down Nicole Kidman's skirt.

Little Birdy - Brothers (from upcoming as-yet-untitled album) [BUY]
It's good to have these Aussie mates back, all clappy and harmonica-y and stuff. Wish all my Aussie mates were like that. Especially Hugh, the lout.

Little Teeth - Oh Drag (from Child Bearing Man) [BUY]
You know what's the littlest thing about a band with screeching female vocals? Your pipi at the end of it.

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