Friday, January 23, 2009

Gig-gles: Mogwai Live in KL - 21 January 2009

You see in this life, there is what you would call good noise and then there is bad noise. And while I wholeheartedly agree that the furiously loud clink clang that Mogwai made a couple nights ago qualifies suitably as 'good noise', the sound of me belching after a heavy meal is actually just a rung above that in the 'good noise' ladder. Let's not get into me burping the Smurf theme song or farting 'You Got the Touch' from the Transformers cartoon movie because that will literally blow your mind.

So what is bad noise? Hmm ... good question captain, let me ask Sarah. Yes dear, so what do you think is ... what did you say? Oh the sound of me talking? Ha ha, that's a good one. You are so funny dear. You know, like 'har har' funny? Now put on this corset for me okay? Yes, no talk, as usual.

Mogwai - Christmas Song (from Mogwai [EP])

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