Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunburst: Lupe Fiasco wants to come (but...)

You're probably wondering why in revealing that Lupe Fiasco is rumoured to be the latest addition to Malaysia's Sunburst Festival in March, I'm using a picture of his back.

Well let me tell you. It's basically because he d... hey shut up! Smarty aardvark! Oh, so because you also know that Lupe doesn't usually do festivals sponsored by beer companies, hence he's unlikely to come for this one, and so you think I'm using the photo as some kinda symbolism. Oh, you're like soooooo smart. Soooooo.

Ok sorry, I got distracted there by some putz. Yeah I know, it is seriously pissing off when someone distracts you just as you're trying to explain something, isn't it? I mean, especially when you're such a fully focused person who never gets distracted on his own. Like, I especially hate it when I'm in the middle of something, and then suddenly some person makes a comment that is totally unrelated, and then I have to correct the person, and then buy 16,000 MiG aircrafts so I can blast a 2-mile deep crater in that place he once called a house, before returning t...what!!!! There are only 15,343 MiGs in the world? How the heck am I supposed to do anything? Oh gosh, this life sucks. Yeah, a bit like the coffee at the corner shop near my office. Yeah actually that sucks a little more. Yeah. Good thing I'm so focused.

Lupe Fiasco - Go Go Gadget Flow (from The Cool)


Janice said...

LOL! although the post really didn't come to a Lupe-related conclusion, big props to your style of writing-- very.. voice-evident.

Anonymous said...

lupe is the best

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