Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the papers today...

US President-elect Barack Obama bought his two daughters a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. Both Malia and Sasha then proceeded to spend their holidays in Hawaii, where they and daddy played bowling on the new console. Meanwhile, Washington announced today that they were renaming the White House as the Wiite House, and that visitors who wanted to tour the place would first have to beat Michelle Obama in a round of Wii Boxing.
This story reminds me of: Raconteurs - Consoler of the Lonely (from Consolers of the Lonely) [BUY]

Over a year after Polaroid announced it would no longer make its famed cameras, it has returnd with the PoGo, a digital camera with a built-in colour printer that prints out peel-off, sticky-backed photos right on the spot. The process is different from the old one, but the end product is similar to the original's grainy, washed out look. Two days after this was announced, art schools worldwide reported mass incidences of their students sucking thumbs, doodling dinosaurs and mumbling, "Look mummy, tulips!"
This story reminds me of: Massive Attack - Polaroid Girl (from Danny The Dog soundtrack) [BUY]

The Palm Pre has been voted the Best in Show winner for the recently concluded International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is awarded to the best overall gadget of the exhibition. The smartphone, which has been touted for its multitouch screen and excellent web browsing capabilities, is hailed as a return to form for Palm, and should offer decent competition to both the iPhone and the BlackBerry. It still lacks a sheath to keep your 50-foot sword though, which means that Optimus Prime is still the world leader in total awesomeness.
This story reminds me of: Idaho - Hearts of Palm (from Hearts of Palm) [BUY]

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