Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunburst: Paramore are coming to town!

So apparently that incredibly popular band with the orange-haired munchkin and her far-too-skinny cohorts are set to headline Malaysia's premier music festival (yeah go cry in a corner Rock the World) Sunburst. This culminated with the fact that the Kings of Leon and Snow Patrol rumor has not quite died yet can only mean one thing - that either Sunburts looks set to kick old farts Mosaic Music Festival out of the nursing home or that we are yet again talking in between our tasty farts.

Personally I would go with the latter if I were you. Unless it proves to be true, in which case you owe me something. And that something (if you happen to be a hot chick) is merely to just thrown one o' them knickers of yours at Genusfrog. He hates that. Alternately if you're a guy, then you can get us a rack of barbecued pork ribs. Then we're square. Or round, depending on how many racks you bring us.

Paramore - Oh Star (from All We Know Is Failing (Japan Bonus Track)) [BUY]


Anonymous said...

para-WHO?? popular??? *snorts* if they are to "headline" sunburst, gud-luck to the festival then. or shud i say gud-riddance! heheh

Pantsy said...

yeah para-WHO alright. para-boo. para-shoo. para-chute. parachutes! heyyy, maybe the coldplay rumour is right. wheeee

jelly belly said...

what a bad news!

Raihan said...

whoever doesn't know Paramore must be living under the sea. Dudes! Paramore is huuuge in the US! Booked shows and sold out concerts! Take a look at yourselves. You're the nobody.

Hilmi lover of Hayley said...

HELL YEAH! wow raihan! you stood up for paramoe! thanks soo much. paramore please please come
hopefully!! ouh father in the heavens above! pleASE!

Loving Sakina said...

Paramore is hugge!!! And Paramore is awesome!

I'D KILL FOR PARAMORE TO COME TO MSIA. But not for sunburst, please.

But, if they came for sunburst, that'll be awesome too!

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