Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunburst: And now Coldplay are coming!

Wow, guess what we just found out? No, it's not that Pantsy has hamster-phobia, although that is true. What? No, it's not that my mother has a crush on Josh Groban, although that is also true.

But we've found out that whiny-rock kings Coldplay is the latest name attached to this Sunburst thing. Now all we need is a bra-wearing chicken choir and Sarah Wayne Callies with nothing on but a Gibson SG and we can die a peaceful death.

Coldplay - Fix You (live) (from X&Y) [BUY]


Genusfrog said...

either that or we are the tribalfootball of the indie music scene.

actually that would be quite fun.

Le Vasiz said...

Coldplay coming. Now, I'm havin' that.

Anonymous said...

dream on suckazz

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