Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Look what I found in the bargain bin but did not buy

Under the Radar

Price: RM 4.95

So once in awhile I see things that remind me of a time in the past, when I was someone different. Like this album for example. As soon as I caught sight of it, I was immediately transported back to 2001, back to a time when I loved going to the zoo and seeing the animals, loved painting (I would paint for days) and running shamelessly in open fields, basking in the sun and the smell of grass. Ah, that was indeed a good time ...

... ha ha, I'm just shitting you. It actually reminds me of this beautiful day when I tickled a zookeeper and a painter to death and torched their chest hairs in an open field next to a zoo.

No animals were harmed in the process though.

Grade - Stolen Bikes Ride Faster (from Under the Radar)
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