Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mosaic Music fest 2011, w/ The National, 65daysofstatic, Joanna Newsom and Tortoise

It seems like the Mosaic Music Festival has become an annual rite of passage for indie fans in these parts. As such, with March's edition coming around, and The National, Tortoise, Joanna Newsom, 65daysofstatic and Jamie Liddell among the chaps coming down, I thought it would only be right to offer the definitive 12-step journey towards preparing your heart, soul and mind for this annual rite of passage. Please follow each one dilligently, and by the time March arrives, you will be swimming in Indie Zen for the entire week.

Step 1: Buy a choo choo train.
Step 2: Eat the choo choo train.
Step 3: Poo out the choo choo train.
Step 4: Smell the pooed out choo choo train.
Step 5-11: Faint.
Step 12: Ride the choo choo train to Mosaic Music Fest.

See the full schedule here. Tickets go on sale 9 December.

The National - Terrible Love (from High Violet)

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