Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aye aye lads, we meet yet again

Ye three pirates have returned to our murky shores, fresh from a sumptuous outing of 'ayam penyet', some bargain raids and four solid days of ear-chomping music.

The next few days, we will be bringing you non-stop reviews, fresh from the coffers, uncut, purely for your dastardly enjoyment. There will be plenty of blood spilled but also many a lagger to cheers on.

And just so its clear, I am not the one in the middle.

Good seas then.


jaz said...

yeah i was just going to ask who's the punina in the middle.

F*cough G*cough S*cough

Pantsy said...

Wat's a punina

The Geek said...

is it some brand of chicken essence?

then again it kinda sounds like a brand of petrol.

jaz said...

Punina, (or also known in some other circles as punani), is a massive and orgasmic vortex that consumes everything in its path.

O ye pirates, beware.

Pantsy said...

my pet gorilla does that too. is it a punina?

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