Monday, August 27, 2007

The great Friday Night Lights DVD challenge

So I attribute my current fixation with American football drama serial Friday Night Lights to three factors: the original movie, the Explosions In The Sky-fronted soundtrack, and Minka Kelly. All three are worth checking out (in appropriate times and moods, of course).

Anyways, I'm only three episodes in (thanks to weekly screenings on Star World), but it's already got me hunting for the DVD. And the smug producers are so assured that we urchins will dig it with glowing, unabashed passion, that they've promised to give a full refund to the unsatisfied punter that buys the whole season one DVD.

Alas, once again, the offer only applies State-side; woe befalls us who reside on the wrong side of the Pacific. Oh well. I can take minor consolation in the sense that it's quite unlikely that someone is going to go through all that trouble to claim any kind of money-back guarantee. There's always some redeeming factor that prevents us from making that extra post office trip. Like there was one time I ordered a Russian mail order bride. But when she came, I found out she was Greek, hated vodka and couldn't do the troika. But she had dimples when she smiled. So I kept her, and christened her Olganopolis. I'm telling ya, she wraps a mean yiros.

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Explosions In The Sky - A Slow Dance (from Friday Night Lights soundtrack)

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