Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Killers: Live in KL?

An insider within an insider inside an insider of an inside, told me that there's a mini bidding war going on to bring Las Vegas post-punk stars The Killers in for a one-off show.

Fresh off their kudos-throwing stage-closing show at Glastonbury, these 80s hard nuts are going to be a joy to behold should they ever make it to our guidelines-throwing shores. I mean, don't you want to watch 'Mr. Brightside' live? Or see Brandon Flowers in a glittering quasi-Elvis suit?

I have no idea why I said 'one-off show'. I mean, it's not like the band's going to tour around Malaysia. I mean if they did, they would all pack themselves into a van and before they can even adjust their seats they would've reached the next venue. Brandon Flowers would get so sick of eating 'nasi lemak' for breakfast every morning that he would insult Mawi and Siti. He might also make a pass on some Datuk's son and get hauled off to jail.

Bet you thought the 'son' bit was a mistake. Hah, no it wasn't. I mean which hetero dude wears a glittering Elvis suit?

Oh yeah, me. But only to sleep. Need to match the twinkly wallpaper in my room.

The Killers - Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys Stars Are Blazing Mix) (from Read My Mind British CD single)

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