Friday, August 17, 2007

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Blue Swan Orchestra

Price: S$2.95

One in awhile, in a distant robotic planet where they have giant sized leeches in their Koi ponds, you get blown away by a deal so bloody sensational, that you just you err ... end up in tiny little chunks.

Yes, I found this Goldenboy CD in a HMV store at the bargain corner going for S$2.95. I knew little about them, much less about this record but for that measly amount, the risk was well worth taking.

The result? A record I have bumped up to at the very least a Top 25 in my most valuable list. This is Grandaddy without the electronics. Soothing lazy pop melodies with Elliot Smith pitching in on a song or two. Absolutely, 100%, ultra gorgeous, like Petra Nemcova in a loose G.I. Joe tee, holding up an ayam penyet meal with Godzilla: Final Wars playing on the telly behind her.

Goldenboy - Wild Was the Night (Blue Swan Orchestra)

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