Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gig-gles: Malacca 'House if Indie' 2007

On most days, I hate sushi. This kind of hatred doesn't exist on the same level as, say, my hatred for durian (which subsequently is nothing like my hatred for ties, which has no equivalent).

Having said that, a significant portion of this hate is dependent on the degree of sushi love shown by my surrounding lunch companions at any given time. So, if they're into sushi, and want nothing but sushi for lunch, and will declare war on Turkmenistan if they don't get sushi—well, then I become one of the peacemaking types, and will willingly oblige to picking off one or two plates from that conveyor belt. All in the name of getting a piece of the action, of course.

Actually, what the heck? I'm a thievin' pirate! So piss off, sushi! I'll just chuck my first mate into the sea as bait, and use him to draw in a leopard seal. Then while the dude is still flailing and flapping in the sea, i'll stuff my head down the leopard seal's throat and suck out his intestines like Hokkien mee.


Malacca and indie is like me and sushi. And in this case, the sushi looks absolutely bitchin'.

Venue: Dataran Phalawan, Malacca
Date: Sunday, 2 September
Time: 12 noon
Admission: RM20
Line up: SevenCollar T-Shirt, Love Me Butch, Bittersweet, Furniture, Couple, Muck, Free Love, Telephony Delivery, The Rhaman, The Spektors, Priority, Coffee's Lux, Oh Chentaku, Ben Cracko (DJ)

Couple - Say Hi (from Top Of The Pop)
Bittersweet - Come On (from Perfect Match)

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