Friday, August 31, 2007

Word for the week: Bebas


It's my country's birthday today ('bebas' means 'free'). Wish they gave everyone a cake.

Sore - Bebas (from Centralismo)
Sore's brand of liberation comes with a jetty, a Kir Royal and Gong Li doing the limbo.

The Sleeping Satellite - Bebas (from Transmisi Pertama EP)
All the power chords, verse-chorus-bridge structures and "na-na-na" interludes in the world cannot mask the wide-eyed joy of a freed one.

Steven & Coconut Treez - Bebas Merdeka (single)
They say life in Bali begins at midnight. This one jives with you at around 6.21am.

Peterpan - Bebas (from Hari Yang Cerah)
Pop rock behemoths channel Pearl Jam for the first 10 seconds, then Lifehouse for the remaining 198. Which works, weirdly.

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