Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Release: Documentary In Amber - Self Titled

Have you ever met someone, whom you are sure you're going to hate?

Maybe it's the way he looks at himself in the mirror. Maybe it's the way he keeps pressing lift-buttons like they are going to come down any faster if he did. Or maybe it's his squinty eyed, high cheekbone look that suggests he is likely an arse. Maybe it's the greasy hair that he so intends on combing every 30 seconds. Or maybe, just maybe he was born with a Decepticon-like look to your Autobot-like demeanor.

And so you decide that enemies like him cannot be allowed to roam this land. So you approach him, tap him on his shoulder and just as you are about to level his head in, he strips his face-mask to reveal - Petra Nemcova.

And you fall in love in about 5 seconds and in about 30 seconds you are married and in about 5 hours you have a tub full of kids.

Man I love romance. Peace.

Oh by the way, check out this album by Singaporean post-rock band Documentary In Amber. It's Petra-like lovely.

1. prelude
3. it's alright
5. for these are truly the last days

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