Thursday, August 16, 2007

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Ani DiFranco
Little Plastic Castle
(Righteous Babe)

Price: S$5

Question of the day: how did he get her?

It's a pertinent question, only because Little Plastic Castle is a bit like a footballer's wife. It's got those curvaceous melodies and protest lyrics that DiFranco likes to wrap around her percussive playing, plus the added mariachi brass fills in selected spots that make it that much more responsive to touch.

But then there's the cover. It's way down there. Not like smack at the bottom (I think the latest Ice-T album is definitive Christian Karembeu), but not too far from it. I'm not the type that judges contents by their cover, but seeing this atrocity in a dusty box forced me to reconsider my worldview. Thankfully, common sense won.

Still, the cover is definitely a footballer. And I'm not talking about those tight-tee Italian Casanovas. I'd say it's closer to... him:

Ani DiFranco - Fuel (from Little Plastic Castle)

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