Wednesday, October 8, 2008

B-Side of the Week - G-Surf

The Bookhouse Boys
G-Surf (from the Tonight single)
(Black Records)

Oooh. The Bookhouse Boys are so smart. They think that just because they are a surf band, they can put a G in front of their genre and pass it off as a song title. Well, I got news for you nanoplets. I've got a stockpile of 7" cuts with a lot of G in them as well.

Yeah. You bet I do. Lemme see...

G-rock, G-emo, G-pop, G-rap, G-trance, G-trash, G-twee, G-garage, G-folk. G-jazz.

See. Aren't I smart? Heck, if you dig a bit further, you'll realise that I'm the one who put G into everything we know to be household and commonplace today. Like Gmail. And Gstring. And Gzombies. And Gmutantdogs. And Gmariachis. And Ghad. And Gina Gershon.

Yeah baby.

The Bookhouse Boys - G-Surf

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