Monday, October 27, 2008

Word for the week: Candle


It's Deepavali today. And since candles are pretty much a mainstay in this Hindu festival, we thought we'd join the shindig, light up port side and bring out the porpoise muruku. Which goes smack well with our world famous tilapia toddy.

Tori Amos - Candle In The Wind (live)
If you listen real carefully — and this crappy recording means you sorta have no choice — you'll hear Elton sniffling in the background . Elton who? Elton Brand of course! Like, why wouldn't a 6'9", 260-pound NBA All-Star be at a Tori gig. Duh.

Elliott Smith - Roman Candle (from Roman Candle) [BUY]
Five years and one week ago, Elliott snuffed out. Somehow his pain never does.

Mojave 3 - Candle Song 3 (from Black Sessions)
So for their first public performance, Mojave 3 chose to record wispy wonders like this for French radio? Well slap us silly and call us Jacque. What? So what you're a girl! Just buy a GI Joe, wait three years, then call yourself Jacque too. Can't compromise on life, oui?

Roman Candle - Something Left To Say (from The Wee Hours Revue) [BUY]
While Oasis busy themselves with all that psych-noodling crud, trust two banjo-twanging North Carolina siblings to prove the arena rock revival doesn't need anything more than stellar songcraft.

Mono - 2 Candles 1 Wish (from Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined) [BUY]
Even Bonecrusher needs a seasonal dip in Swan Lake. And Megatron likes avocado paste.

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