Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fad of the Land: slotMusic

You know, it like totally befuddles me why until now, music has never come with slots. I just don't get why some Macau tycoon never conceived of slotMusic, and had to leave it to some nerdy data storage company to do it. It's such a novel concept. You put in some coins, pull a lever, and watch the fruits whiz by. Get three pomelos, and you get access to Arcade Fire rarities; three pineapples, and it's your meat and potatoes Neon Bible; and three watermelons gets you Kellie Pickler covering 'No Cars Go'.

So I'm like totally looking forward to slotMusic. Say bye to CDs and hello to coins. Say bye to...

Huh? Why you poking me for. Stop it. What? You mean the "slot" here is one of those tekky jargons? Oh bollocks. Who the heck wants music in some USB drives? Where's the play button on that? What, you telling me you need ANOTHER tekky device to play it? Double bollocks! Hey, I said stop poking me! Oh wait. You're not poking me. Sorry. Yeah, that's an umbrella. Had it implanted on my thigh last week. Keep forgetting it's there. Wanna have a look? Here, let me take off my pants so you can get a better view. So well basically, you push this knob here and then it sorta shif... hey, that's not the knob! And stop poking me! FOR REAL, PERV!!!!


Jebediah - Slot Car Racing (from Of Someday Shambles) [BUY]

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