Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fad of the Land: Ten Tracks

Since the world is going to the pits, I've decided to perform social duty #3,247,289 and share with everyone six things you can do with one pound. All with one pound.

1. With one pound, you can download 10 legal, DRM-free songs a month from Ten Tracks, drawn from the best independent music from Scotland and abroad. Bands get a cut of every purchase, and the inaugural compilation includes Scot gems Broken Records and post-Beta Band act The Aliens. All with one pound.

2. With one pound, you can buy 1.2 trillion Zimbabwe dollars. All with one pound.

3. With one pound, you can recreate the Hulk Smash on your breakfast table, sending cereal bowls, cinnamon toast and your flatmate topsy-turvy. All with one pound.

4. With one pound, you can tell Jenny Craig to take her crash diet program and stuff it down her carrot milkshake-toned rump, because you never wanted to lose forty in two months anyways. All with one pound.

5. With one pound, you can house 500 stray dogs. All with one pound.

6. With one pound, you can move one squoure, eat one rouk, suckerpunch one bishoup, reach the end of the bourd and exchaouge it for one quoeeoun, and then checkmoute one koung. All with one pound.


The Jayhawks - Ten Little Kids (from Tomorrow The Green Grass) [BUY]

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