Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the papers today...

The Tampa Bay Rays have reached the World Series, the finals of America's Major League Baseball season. The team, which had lost 60% of its games in its previous 10 years of existence, are set to play the Philadelphia Phillies, and should they win, will be the first team ever in any sports league to go from being the worst team one season to the best the next. It's a little like Malaysia's football team reaching the World Cup finals. Or like Vietnam's handball squad reaching the... whoa whoa, back up a bit. Actually, Malaysia hitting World Cup gold would be more like the Tampa Bay Rays winning the Champions League, the Ryder Cup and 130 gold medals at the 2012 Olympics. Yeah, that's just about right.
This story reminds me of: Fleet Foxes - In The Hot, Hot Rays (from Fleet Foxes EP)

A Malaysian audio production house has decided to distibute 10,000 CDs for free containing hymns from the Sikh holy book Guru Granth Sahib. The CD will feature a fusion of modern sounds from popular Bhangra artistes and a selection of hymns from the 300-year-old book. It will also be distributed in Hong Kong, London and around Southeast Asia, and is aimed at encouraging young people to appreciate the ancient tome. Not wanting to be outdone, Pauly Shore announced today that he too was releasing a free CD of mantras he had lived by, soundtracked to popular nursery rhyme tunes. He's calling it The Encino Man's Mondo Bondo Life Plan.
This story reminds me of: Dead Heart Bloom - Hymn (from Oh Mercy)

Silicon Valley is set to conduct a major layoff exercise, with Yahoo! leading the way. The search giant is expected to axe up to 3,500 staff, with many other Internet start-ups set to follow suit, as tech companies try to cut costs in an effort to weather the global economic crisis. Apparently last month, a venture capital firm presented a slide show to the start-ups it finances that began with a gravestone and the words "RIP good times" on it. Insiders whisper that subsequent slides had, in order, "Unless you're from Google", "Son of a gun, you are from Google!" and "Sergey! I can cut Googleplex grass for cheap!".
This story reminds me of: Mocca - It's Over Now (for Kevin) (from Friends)

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