Thursday, October 2, 2008

Word for the Week: Idle


It's Hari Raya Idlefitri today. And really, I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to commemorate a season that gives people the perfect excuse to be lazy than by coining it after the synonym for "lazy". It's just so apt. I ...

What? Why did you interrupt me for? Huh, what do you mean it's not "Idle"? It's spelt "A-I-D-I-L"? What the ...? Oooh, so Mrs Sanghera was lying when she said I had spelt the synonym for "lazy" wrongly! That skanky ho! How dere she gife me a D- in speling! Good thing the she never tot me the grammer. I m so not so aidil in that asspackt.

Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle (from Don't Believe The Truth) [BUY]
Noel seems to have discovered that the secret to inner peace lies in Bolshevik-spiked inactivity. Anything but having to wash Liam's mop, I suppose.

Shannon Wright - Idle Hands (from Let In The Light) [BUY]
Bite on Chan Marshall, suck on wads of Tori Amos, and make sure Liz Phair isn't in the kitchen. What do you get? A trip to the neighbourhood shrink, and a visit by the DEA to confiscate your bong. Find a hobby, you dork.

Murder City Devils - Idle Hands (from In Name And Blood) [BUY]
"These idle hands, they do the Devil's work," declare these now-defunct Seattle punkers. Their idle hands musta been thinking about ironing.

The Replacements - Shiftless When Idle (from Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?: The Best Of The Replacements) [BUY]
To the Muslim world, selamat.

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