Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Anberlin, Copeland and the case of the Mos Burger

So the first grand post of this MP3 blog was supposed to involve me waxing lyrical about the recent Anberlin/Copeland concert in Singapore over the weekend. It was a lushly imagined post, filled with dancing babies and suicidal possums.

It would have been all that, and maybe more, if we didn’t turn up almost an hour late for the gig. Which meant we missed opening acts MarchTwelve, Vertical Rush and The Fire Fight (yet another disappointment, as I was kinda eager to catch MarchTwelve), as well as half an hour of Copeland’s set.

It’s a long story as to why that happened, one that involves mistaken venues, muddled-up times and four Mos burgers (if you buy us another four, we might just tell it to you). But for the moment, we'll just say that we had to settle for three-and-a-half Copeland songs (still blissful) and a full Anberlin set (which included some dancing puppets). Oh well.

Copeland - Brightest (from Beneath Medicine Tree)
Copeland - You Have My Attention (from In Motion)
Copeland - I'm Safer in an Airplane (from Eat, Sleep, Repeat)
Anberlin -
Love Song (The Cure cover, from Blueprints for the Blackmarket)

Concert pics (courtesy of wakemeup music):

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